Through coaching,
I help leaders 
navigate and overcome obstacles

with clarity and confidence. 


You deserve a coach in your corner. 

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Your Coach

In our coaching conversations, you will be guided through a journey of learning and discovery.


You will have the support you need to navigate seasons of transition, realignment, redirection or challenge.

Whether the season you face is a steep mountain climb, a teetering hanging bridge, storms of turbulence, or a strange expanse of calm waters - coaching will support you.

-nathania aritao (tanya)

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Client Testimonials

Image by Ashley Batz
Image by Ashley Batz

I am impressed with Nathania's ability to listen fully during our coaching conversations.  She creates a safe environment for me to talk freely and explore ideas without judgement. 


Her approach allows me to feel respected, my thoughts valued while identifying reasonable and achievable goals. 


Nathania's style is both patient and thoughtful.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a positive, impactful coach.

Ellie Martinez,
Leadership Matters LLC

Client Testimonials

Image by Ashley Batz

I appreciate Nathania’s perceptive questions and how they assured me that she was listening to me during our time together.


She provided a safe environment for me to explore my thoughts and emotions, leading us to achieve the goal we set at the beginning.


My coaching time with her is well spent and a space of grace in this transition period.

Liw Agbayani

public interest lawyer
working in the humanitarian sector

Image by Ashley Batz
Above the Clouds

Client Testimonials

My 30-minute session with Tanya allowed me to bring more structure to the chaotic plans I had laid out for my business venture for this year.


Tanya assumes the position of a listener, mirror and thought-amplifier all while making me remain in control of my decision-making process. This has been the most productive 30 minutes I have had in moving my ideas to the next level. I highly recommend getting a taste of her coaching experience.

David Opoku 

Founder, adoore Group

data & technology industry

Image by Ashley Batz

The coaching sessions I’ve had with Tanya have been incredibly effective in helping me to clearly see my present context and to identify action points that would lead me forward.


Tanya strikes a graceful balance of generative listening, incisive questions and structured guidance.


I leave our sessions feeling energised to take responsibility for and action in my life.


Thank you Tanya!

JJ van de Vyver

Consultant / Consultingr

Client Testimonials


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Illustrated Map

Your Journey

What area of your life needs navigation, clarity, or alignment?

Your career, finances, relationships, business, health, personal growth, spirituality, identity?

Without the support of coaching, competent and impactful individuals like you...

  • miss out on present opportunities

  • second-guess decisions

  • freeze without a plan of action

  • get disoriented in the course of a feasible challenge

  • lose their voice

With the support of coaching, clients journey...

  • from tentative to confident

  • from confusion to clarity

  • from facing an obstacle to having conquered it

You deserve to have a coach in your corner. 


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Thrive in the season you are in.
Coaching Package

  • Online Coaching Sessions - 45 minutes each

  • Email communication, coaching worksheets, and follow-up between sessions

  • Flexible scheduling for any timezone

Starts at £195​ one-time payment for 3 sessions

  • Secure online payment 

  • You may purchase this package as a gift

  • Coaching sessions conducted on Zoom, with flexible scheduling to suit your timezone



We trust our coaching process and the transformative support it can provide you. 
But if at the end of our session package* you are left unsatisfied with the experience, at your request, a full refund will be processed.


No questions asked. 

*We invite our clients to personally commit to the coaching process and fulfil the journey of three sessions, ideally within a span of no more than four months, or six sessions within six months.

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