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1:1 coaching to help you thrive in every season

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navigate every season and overcome obstacles
with clarity and confidence

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Are you navigating a transition or difficult season
in your personal or professional life?

Do you feel stuck
in the face of a challenge on your path? 

You feel overwhelmed

You second-guess your decisions

You lack a sense of direction

You feel like you are behind in your day-to-day

You are easily distracted

The path ahead looks unclear

If so, you will benefit from the support of our thriving coaching community at Atlas & Axis Coaching.


You'll have the support and tools you need to take action and thrive in the season you are in

Book your complimentary coaching session today

   Your plan to thrive   

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Book your complimentary coaching session

join from where you are
in the world

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Meet with your coach for your first coaching session

1:1, 45 mins,


Business Consultation


You're back on track to thrive in the season you are in!


Book your complimentary coaching session today

     Meet your coach     

You and I are partners on the journey.


I understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate a season of transition, while juggling all your ongoing responsibilities and commitments. 

I have helped clients like you find clarity, confidence, and a path forward in their lives - both professionally and personally. 

Our coaching sessions are conversations of learning, development, and discovery. You will be guided through thought-provoking questions and creative coaching tools. 

As the client, come to each coaching session with openness and determination, prepared to lean into the process. 

When we work together as partners, you leave each session with:

- new or renewed perspectives,

- a clear next step and action commitment, 

- regained clarity, confidence, and direction,

- and a challenge from your coach to help you grow. 

And the coaching journey goes beyond our live sessions - this is where the real work takes place. But you will still have my support in between our sessions, via email or WhatsApp communication, my website resources, and worksheets.

Book your complimentary coaching session and discover how coaching can support you!

- Nathania Aritao (Tanya)

Certified Professional Coach by Elite Coaching Center 
(76 ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours)

University of Oxford MBA,

RSA Fellow,

Davis UWC Scholar

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Book your complimentary coaching session today

   What clients say   


"...the most productive 30 minutes I have had in moving my ideas

to the next level."

My 30-minute session with Tanya allowed me to bring more structure to the chaotic plans I had laid out for my business venture for this year.


Tanya assumes the position of a listener, mirror and thought-amplifier all while making me remain in control of my decision-making process. This has been the most productive 30 minutes I have had in moving my ideas to the next level. I highly recommend getting a taste of her coaching experience.

David Opoku 

Founder, adoore Group

data & technology industry

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Book your complimentary coaching session today

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What my coaching clients say

"I feel like I'm finally moving forward."

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