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So we're nearing the end of another year. If you are looking for some structure to support your year-end reflection: to finish 2022 with intention and gain clarity for 2023 - this journal is for you.


What's inside? 

  • 22 pages of thoughtful prompts for writing and reflection
  • 12 of the pages are for 12 individual days of guided writing 
  • + bonus pages for deeper reflection and exploration
  • a printer-friendly digital file in black & white



What's different about this journal? 

  • Guided Reflection: The day by day reflection journal provides structure for the end of the year
  • Simplicity: A simple format that won't weigh you down - easy to use whethery you have 10 minutes a day or 1 hour a day to take your personal reflection forward
  • Holistic approach: The journal prompts cover topics in all areas of your life, so you can take a good look at where you've been in 2022, where you are right now, and where you are going in 2023
  • Personal: You'll discover that the journal will guide you through a very personal journey of reflection, inspiration, and action 
  • User friendly: It's ready for you to use as soon as your download completes! Use digitally or as a paper print-out. 


If you need structure, direction, and clarity for this year-end season, this Journey to Clarity in 2023 journal will support you. 


Finish 2022 with intention and gain clarity for 2022. Purchase this journal pdf now!

Only £9.89!

(Approximately 12.15 USD, 11.50 EUR, or 675 PHP)



Journey to Clarity in 2023 | by nathania aritao and atlas & axis ltd | 2022

DO NOT reproduce this for commercial use - in whole or part. 


Journey to Clarity in 2023 - a journal for year-end reflection

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