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As the 'freshness' of a new year fades, many of us now feel disconnected from the motivation and momentum that carried us into 2023. New year resolutions have long been forgotten, the new routines and hobbies we tried haven’t quite caught on, and we’re constantly distracted from finding our focus. You might be thinking, where is my life even headed this year? 


We’ve all been there and we’ve all asked ourselves that question at some point or another. It can feel daunting and it can feel exhausting. With coaching I’ve supported many of my clients who have felt the same feelings and asked the same questions. And with a plan of reflection and action, they have all found their way back on the journey that they want to be on, wholeheartedly. 


If you are looking for a simple process to help you get back on track - something that gives you room for reflection and leads you to action - this free resource is for you: How to Thrive in 2023. 


This easy to use downloadable is your interactive checklist & worksheet to help you come back to yourself and your focus for this year. You can download the pdf version or access an online Google document, which will allow you to type write in your own document. It can’t be easier than that!


Here are the steps you can do right now to help reorient you toward living the life you want this year: 

  1. Add How to Thrive in 2023 to your cart.

  2. Download and open the free resource: How to Thrive in 2023 

  3. Spend at least 5 minutes in the document How to Thrive in 2023 - writing and responding to a section of your choice. After 5 minutes, you’ll feel a sense of relief and accomplishment that you’ve got the process moving. (Getting started is the hardest part!)


The support of this resource is free and it’s here. 


If you do not download this now, you may let another day, week, or month go by without re-grounding yourself in what matters to you. Then before you know it, another year will pass and you’ll be asking yourself the same questions as you are today, having floated through a year, without having progressed. 


With the support of How to Thrive in 2023, you have a concrete place to start your inner work with intention. The process won’t happen overnight, but this workbook gives you a guided space for reflection and a plan of action. Get back on track to thriving. 



Download NOW:  How to Thrive in 2023 -  your 7-part interactive checklist + workbook to get back on track to THRIVING right now, this year!






This free resource comes as a 10-page PDF and can also be accessed as an downloadable and editable Google doc. 






By downloading this resource “How to Thrive in 2023,” you understand that this is original material created by nathania aritao and atlas and axis ltd; and you are agreeing to use this for personal use only. You may not resell any contents or material from this resource, in its original, colored, modified or printed form individually or in any set of any kind, physical or digital. 








How to Thrive in 2023: Interactive Checklist & Workbook

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