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Three energizing questions to ask yourself at the end of each month

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Days and months pass quickly. If we're not mindful and intentional about the season we are in - taking time to pause, look around, and reflect - seasons of life can pass us by without us understanding, processing or fully living our experiences.

Today marks another end of a month. Here are three questions you can ask yourself today, at the end of May, but also at the end of each month. These are three (among many!) questions that can help ground you, deepen your understanding, connect the your threads of experience and learning, and of course, energize you!

  1. What am I grateful for?

Such a simple but powerful question. We don't ask ourselves this often enough. Even in tough times, there are things to be grateful for, it may just take a longer pause for us to remember or rediscover these when life is giving us a hard time. Asking ourselves this question, 'what am I grateful for?' helps us call to mind some of the positive memories, experiences, interactions that we've had. This helps us shift or balance our perspective of the month that's passed.

When asking yourself this question, don't be afraid of answering with the little joys and whims of life. And also don't back away from going deep, if that's where your heart leads you. Nothing is too small or too big to feel grateful for.

2. What have I learned or rediscovered in this past month?

Life is a journey. We are constantly experiencing, absorbing, doing, thinking. Identifying something we've learned or rediscovered allows us to find meaning in our day to day. Draw insight and learning from your experiences by naming what you have discovered.

Think small or think deep. Similar to the first question, no experience is too small or too deep to identify a learning or discovery from.

3. How can I show myself kindness, love, or support as I move into a new month?

We are often quick to be kind, loving, and supportive to our loved ones. And yet we are often toughest on ourselves - slow to show ourselves a generous dose of kindness, love, and support. Start a new month fresh by nurturing your own energy and spirit. This does not have to be a grand gesture, but it may just be a small act of grace for yourself. It might look like taking an early day off at the end of the week, binge watching a favorite show, adjusting your grocery list to make room for more nutritious food, or connecting with an old friend. Self care can look a bit different for each person, so embrace the way that you feel cared for!

Take time to ask yourself these questions. You'll find yourself nourished by making this space for yourself to be grateful, to identify learning, and to show yourself kindness. Commit especially to one act of self-love and block time off for that in your calendar.

Go a step further and talk to your coach or a trusted friend about this end-of-month check-in.

If you are looking for someone to speak to, book a complimentary coaching session with me! Complimentary sessions are absolutely free.

Through coaching, I help leaders navigate and overcome obstacles with clarity and confidence.

Thrive in the season you are in.

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